CONIG - Converged Information Governance IT Service and Project Management Course


Today, organization’s IT needs to be agile. It plays a key role in the core business processes undertaken by the organization, thus it is a function that needs to continue to evolve and adapt, particularly in times of crisis and disaster. Existing and emerging risks, increasingly in the form of cyber-attacks, are proving to be an additional challenge for information security professionals who have to ensure IT, as a function, is safe and secure to ensure effective service delivery.
The importance of IT cannot be understated. As a function, IT underpins the majority of core organization services and projects, ranging from the modernisation of business systems through to the acquisition and distribution of accurate data. Moreover, in order for an IT department to deliver such services and projects effectively, it requires robust technology systems and a well-defined governance framework to support the operations of the organization.
Without strong governance, an organization’s IT department could runs the risk of providing a poor quality service to stakeholders through late and costly delivery of strategic projects, whilst poor safeguards against threats could lead to losses.
This course has been designed to equip organizations IT experts with both the high-level reasoning behind the importance of IT governance together with insights into how the information technology function can be implemented and continuously enhanced.



The intention of the course is to raise the profile of the international standard for Converged Information Governance t in the future, as well as reflecting current best practice thinking, the course provides an up to date comprehensive and balanced approach of IT Governance relevant to contemporary business thinking and practices.
Effective management of business risk and value has become an essential component of IT governance. Leading the drive to help enterprises mitigate risks and increase value, TAC has developed CONIG® – Converged Information Governance.
The purpose of this fundamental course is to help those responsible for IT Governance or assurance:
Understand how the CONIG® can help them manage IT Governance, Risk and Compliance and IT Services and related technologies; and
Explore how practical guidance and techniques can help them implement IT Governance.
Seating is limited to 25 to ensure maximum class interaction and personal attention so register early.




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