CSI Force - Advanced SNMP

Network Availability & Performance Monitoring
Monitors network device and interface availability and performance indicators, such as bandwidth utilization, errors, discards, (Quality of Service) QOS, CPU, and memory for SNMP devices.

Automated Network Device Discovery
Schedule Device scan, identify changes on your devices automaticly with you conditions.

Automated Thresholding
Set thresholds to interfaces with your algorithm automaticly.

Monitor Anything! SNMP and NON-SNMP
Built-in NON-SNMP Proxy with Plug-in architecture, every data can be measured, CSV, Excel, SSH, TELNET etc...

Create Own Views
With alternated sizing and paging, you can create your own views wtih your critical graphs.

Integrate Easily!
CSIForce provides easy-to-use Integration features with webservices, integrating with your current inventory easily.

Crate Aggreagate Graphs
AggrateGraph Wizard provides easy way to create aggreagte graphs and also you can set thresholds on aggregate graphs.

Create Maps
Design and Deploy Network maps easy with Advanced SNMP Map-Designer

Create Dashboards
Make your dashboards quick - view your critical measures in dashboards.

Built for Performance
Advanced SNMP designed for high volumes up to 1 million interface!

Centeralized Management
Advanced SNMP provides centeralized management over (distributed) Domains / (distributed) Probes

Supports Upper / Lower / Deviation alarms with lagging. Delivers alarms via SNMP-TRAP and Mail

User Manamagement
Enterprise based User / Role manangement over Domains with Node based permissions

Integrated with LookoutEyes
Fully Integrated with LookoutEyes for IPSLA, FTPSLA, HTTPSLA, DNSSLA measurements by default.

Customer Ready
Advanced SNMP datastore used by Lookouteyes, highly customizable user interface.