CSI Force - Genome (Advanced SLA)

Designed to support ITIL v3 Availability Management (AM), Capacity Management (CM) and Continual Service Improvement (CSI) processes
Designed to support  ITU-T Y.1540
(Internet protocol data  communication service – IP packet transfer and availability performance parameters), Y.1541(Internet protocol aspects – Quality of service and network performance : Network performance objectives for IP-based services) 
Optional support for Realtime Jitter calculation as described in RFC 1889
Reports can be used to measure operational results. Data can be used or extracted to document and verify compliance to contracted service levels.
Lower the cost to manage the IP Infrastructure supporting your most important Business Applications
Assure that All users for All SLAs have the best experience – “Keep them coming back for more”
  • IP SLA
  • Custom Measurement

Enables customers to manage the IP SLA measurement of all infrastructure

Enables enterprises to:

  • Observe all components of infrastructure to effectively monitor IP SLAs
  • Prioritize IP SLA issues based on business value
  • Conduct rapid incident triage and root cause diagnosis
  • Map all measurement data trends to IP infrastructure


  • Business Centricity.  Providing users more relevant views of their applications by presenting them in business centric terms and reporting on business health of IP networks.
  • Smart Triage.  Increasing the ability to quickly triage complex IP network problems through sophisticated mapping, transaction tracing, and dashboarding.
  • Broad Platform & Protocol Coverage.  Continued expansion of IP SLA coverage to commonly used platforms & protocols in large network infrastructures.
  • Simple IP SLA.  Accelerate the time-to-value of deployments by making core features easier to use.