Business Intelligence Framework for IT Performance Measurement and Reporting

Metricus is an ITpreneurs solution for the effective management of IT Performance in organizations

Metricus is a modular service that helps organizations understand and improve their IT performance based on best practice metrics (KPIs). Metricus gives organizations an insight into their health and equips IT managers with the knowledge to steer IT in the desired direction. Metricus provides metrics that align with the IT best practices organizations are familiar and well educated in. It provides guidance in the use and adoption of these metrics and ensures that organizations are equipped with the knowledge that is actually relevant and meaningful to the business and allows for informed decision making.

IT performance Metrics – Set Performance Targets

IT Performance Metrics form the heart of Metricus and metrics are available for all major IT best practice frameworks, processes and activities. For every metric a knowledge map is provided with metric knowledge that helps an organization understand and adopt the metric.

Knowledge maps include well defined metric definitions, usage information, proposed targets and tolerances, linking information to the IT balanced scorecard, calculation steps, etc. Metrics come in the form of Modules (prepackaged solutions) for ITIL incident management, change management, problem management, service desk, COBIT PO10 project management, etc..

Business Intelligence and Data Management - Measure Outcomes

Metricus sits on top of existing service management and other systems and tools. It takes data from all of these systems and tools and converts data into knowledge to help IT management improve the way IT is managed. Service management systems are data sources for Metricus and Metricus provides various methods to collect data from these systems and transform that to Metricus.

This does not require laborious consulting, the development of data connectors or other integration processes. Metricus provides predefined templates for every Module and data can simply be exported to XLS spreadsheets and uploaded via secure FTP to Metricus. Customers have access to their own portal website that is available via the internet. Within this portal customers can create scorecards and dashboards based on customer requirements. Scorecards provide point in time information (am I meeting my targets or benchmarks now) and dashboards deliver information with additional references or analysis capabilities.

Metricus is build on Microsoft Business Intelligence a BI platform that is recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. As a result the analysis capabilities of information are unlimited.

Trending information, analysis capabilities and benchmarking – Driving Improvements in IT

Using trending information and analysis capabilities organizations can initiate improvement activities within Metricus and track the progress of these initiatives. Internal benchmarking capabilities further allows for the comparison of individual departments and learn from high performing teams and improve the ones who are lagging. The consistent use of best practice metrics allows Metricus to share you with an insight into your performance against industry peers.