Quality Policy

Experience and work in harmony with the energy of the TAC is not only successful but also to carry out service activities to respond to customer demands sincerity, all kinds of projects, sales and after-service is committed to providing maximum satisfaction.

The following essential principles of our company.

  • Rapidly changing technological developments within the company and outside the company by supporting training, maintain a professional and dynamic structure,
  • Quality awareness and effective management approach with a friendly, efficient, reliable service to,
  • Quality management system in accordance with the continuous improvement and development, to provide for the review of,
  • Consumer habits and identify the needs of our competitors to distinguish the quality of the services we provide, our policy to date, in line with expectations and continuously improve global conditions, new ideas, suggestions and criticism of the media are encouraged to be provided,
  • All potentially hazardous situations and behaviors related to the scope of activities in a systematic manner establish the culture of risk assessments,
  • Therefore, we are responsible for our activities comply with applicable laws and regulations uncompromising

Both financial and human resources by investing in the TAC family, the next days to move safely and professionally, the basic policies in.